Willem & Kid

Willem & Kid

Willem and Kid, although totally different, are two typical inhabitants of the class district and popular neighborhood 'Ondiep" in Utrecht in The Netherlands. For decades they lived next to each other on the Avenue of Chartroise the greatest thoroughfare road in this neighborhood.

Documentary photographer Rob lived for seven years in the apartment above Willem and Kid.
He followed their lives for years in the run-up to the demolition of this district because of a large-scale renovation.

Willem, Kid and Rob had to leave their homes by the end of 2011.

This documentary tells the story about three different people who are connected by a neighborhood which is now demolished and rebuilt, after which everyone seeks his own path.

The film raises questions about the human impact of large-scale neighborhood renovations.
Perhaps even more than in other neighborhoods, in a class district like 'Ondiep' people derive much of their identity from their home and their neighborhood. Although it is believed that renovation improves a neighborhood, it is often not looked at what demolition does with the lives of individual people.

• SCENECS International Debut Film Festival, November 5th 2014

• Documentary
• 34 minutes
• Recorded on: XDCAM / DVCAM XD
• Screening: DVD

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