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Unknown Children is a documentary about the children who survived Westerbork Camp (in the east of the Netherlands) and two other concentration camps.

On 13 September 1944, 52 toddlers of the Westerbork orphanage were transported to Bergen-Belsen. Because their identity was not known, they were registered in the camp records as 'Gruppe Unbekannte Kinder' (Unknown Children).
All but one they survived Bergen-Belsen and Theresienstadt and in the summer of 1945 they returned to the Netherlands. Because of their age they were unable to reconstruct the things they had been through. As a result nobody paid any attention to their experiences.

This documentary is about not being aware of what has happened to you. Eight Unknown Children are still looking for information; they describe snippets of the things they recollect of the time they lived in concentration camps. They also talk about the way their lives has been influenced by World War II.

Introduction at the premiere by dr. D. Dolman, chairman of the Advising Committee spending fourth portion of the Gold Pool of the Tripartite Gold Committee, member of the State Council and former chairman of the Second Chamber of the States General.
Portioning of World War II assets forth tranche Goldpool of the Tripartite Goldcommission. (in Dutch)
Tripartite Gold Commission

• Premiere IDFA 2000, International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam
• Broadcasted: Humanistische Omroep, 2 mei 2001 en 29 april 2004
• Included in Yad Vashem, Jerusalem Israel

awards  OFFICIAL SELECTION: Highlights of the Lowlands, IDFA 2000
awards  AWARD: Intermedia-globe Finalist Diploma, WorldMediaFestival Hamburg 2004

• Documentary
• 70 minutes
• Recorded on: DVCAM
• Screening: DIGIBeta / DVD

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