Guitar Unbound

Guitar Unbound
a documentary about Gary Lucas

Gary Lucas was former guitarist of the Magic Band of Don van Vliet, better be known as Captain Beefheart.
Later he became the manager of 'Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band'.

In the eighties Lucas further developed his music with his own band Gods and Monsters. .
He also became involved in the 'The Knitting Factory' in New York.

During an unexpected visit to the Netherlands in 1993 he gave one concert in 'De Binnenpret' in Amsterdam.
A short item on this performence was broadcasted on Dutch television (VPRO Lolapaloeza, 1993). This and other footage was also used for the 'rockumentary' Guitar Unbound.

• Broadcasted: Kunstkanaal (Artchannel), national broadcaster
• Acquired: BRTN, Belgian national television

• Documentary
• ± 50 minutes
• Recorded on: Hi8 Pro
• Screening: DIGIBeta / VHS

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