Erasmus' Traces
Erasmus' Traces
A series of five documentaries on the life and work of the Dutch humanist Desiderius Erasmus (?1466 - 1536) and his present heritage.

The form is different in each part of the series without a strict recurring design. Diversity and playfulness, both characteristics of Erasmus, determine the tone of the series.

There are lots of quotations of Erasmus himself, sometimes literally written in the picture, to make his literary significance clear. His use of language is of a clarity and airiness which would make many modern writers jealous. His writings are often more readable than the books written about him. It would be a sin to keep that from the public.

The historical component in the documentaries has the atmosphere of the past, while where it is necessary to emphasize the actuality of his thinking the films have a more contemporary style.

episode 1: Netherlands
People are not born, they are made
Homines non nascuntur, sed finguntur

episode 2: Italy
I give in to no one
Concedo nulli

episode 3: England
War is sweet to those who have no experience of it
Dulce bellum inexpertis

episode 4: Belgium
Where it is good, there is my country
Ubi bene, ibi patria

episode 5: Swiss
Live as if you were to die tomorrow, work as if you were to live forever
Sic vive, tanquam cras moriturus, sic stude, quasi semper victurus