Ode to The Rotterdam

Ode to The Rotterdam

The s.s. Rotterdam, being the last and biggest flagship ever built in The Netherlands and also the most prestigious one, is an important closure of Dutch maritime history. With her homecoming to the city Rotterdam she will certainly be highly placed as a part of the Dutch cultural heritage and maybe as a state monument underway.

The design of the ship built for the Holland America Line came traditionally from Van Tienhoven Architects. This distinguished firm had a special approach by involving a group of artists in the plans and integrating their artworks in the whole design. More than eleven firms manufacturing the works of art, nine interior designers and thirty four artists were involved in building the s.s. Rotterdam.
In the documentary is this artistic aspect chosen as the main interest.

While the ship was being restored the art and interior design was approached with great concern and care to preserve it for later and give it it’s proper place. Besides her huge proportions, this ship distinguishes itself mainly with its art and design. The attention for artworks showed even in the ice-sculptures that had an important place during the rich and tasty festive meals.

It becomes clear every time the ship is mentioned that she inspires and speaks to the imagination. Whenever she arrived in the harbour of Rotterdam, even long after she sailed under a Dutch flag, there was a huge public interest that made her appeal to the people very clear. Also each time the documentary is mentioned it shows that a lot of people have memories about travelling or even emigrating to America aboard this ship. She has an important meaning for many people, and is an icon to them.

• Premiere 2008: 'Burgerzaal' Cityhall Rotterdam, introduction by the mayor of Rotterdam, Ivo Opstelten
• Broadcasted: AVRO Close Up, 16th November 2008, Ned. 2
• Will be included in the permanent exhibition on the s.s. Rotterdam

• Documentary
• 52 minutes
• Recorded on: XDCAM / DVCAM
• Screening: DIGIBeta / DVD

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