A short video on India-Morocco and three statement videos from the 'Workshop Connecting', performing the top designers:

Konstantin Crcic
Tom Dixon
Katerina Dousavá (Studio Sipek)
Leona Matejková en
Marco Susani.

'Every journey is an attempt to become someone else'

Prototypes for a flexible cabinet system are co-created by the Dutch designer Peik Suyling and a group of artisans from India and Morocco.

Connecting provokes an equal collaboration between western industrial rationality and the sensuality, crafts intelligence and cultural conceptions of artisans in different parts of the world. The project questions the role of the almighty designer. Instead it researches alternative processes of shared authorship, that leads to the creation of highly individual, authentic pieces of furniture in which western and non-western design and crafts cultures merge.
Connecting develops further in collaboration with the designers Katerina Dousavá (Czech Republic), Konstantin Crcic (Germany), Leona Matejková (Czech Republic), Marco Susani (Italy), Tom Dixon (Great Brittain) and Jogi Panghaal (India).

• Video
• ± 15 minutes
• Recorded on: Hi8 Pro

Copyrights © Connecting, NGN produkties, 1998

Presented during the
'Salone del Mobile' Milan, Italy april 1998.