Bobby Haarms, master of De Meer

Bobby Haarms, master of De Meer
a guided tour through the former Ajax stadium in 'De Meer' with Bobby Haarms.

Have you ever been in the most hidden places of the former Ajax stadium in 'De Meer'? Bobby Haarms, Ajax coach and oldest still active Ajax member is our guide on a tour through the former Ajax stadium in 'De Meer', just before it was pulled down in 1996.

In the fall of 1996 the demolition started of the Ajax stadium in 'De Meer'. Soon it will be replaced with the Johan Cruijff Square. Around the square a neat residential area will be built. Then little will remind us of the old glory. The stadium where it all happened and which reflects the 'Great History' can be sensed in this documentary.

The camera slowly takes off and gives us a bird's-eye view on one of the last football games in the old stadium. Bobby Haarms looks back on the place that has played such an important role in his entire life. The count-down board at the field, which tics away the last days and hours, prompts Bobby Haarms to reflection. Thus reviving for a moment old football high-lights.

Bobby Haarms speaks about the plate club. Everyone who has been an Ajax member for 25 years, is offered a plate with inscription. All these people, primal Ajax members, get together every year in De Meer, to dine and talk. They were the symbol of club life of the large Ajax family in De Meer.

This unique historic documentary, with footage never shown before, ends at the centre spot of the stadium in De Meer, with the singing of the 'plate-club-song' conducted by Ajax chairman Michael van Praag.

Pressmeeting at 19th of november 1999

• Documentary
• ± 47 minutes
• Recorded on: BetaCAM SP
• Screening: DIGIBeta / VHS

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