Teenagers active in research and policy.

A video about the project was made by NGN produkties commissioned by the Alexander Foundation.
The video is aimed at canvassing teenagers for Alexander projects.

The Alexander Foundation involves teenagers in the planning, execution and reporting of research regarding their own world. As the party closest concerned they join in the discussion about the consequences the research might have on policies; at the same time they are conversation partner of institutes and authorities. In this way they often succeed in conquering a position in consultative bodies and as a result in final decision making.
Alexander stimulates teenagers to join in a discussion about issues that concerns them. Authorities and institutes are activated to take teenagers seriously and actively involve them in decisions that are taken about them.

A youth council is a group of young people which asserts the interests of teenagers. This means that the council states invited and uninvited what it finds important.
To Mayor and aldermen. To council members. To civil servants at city hall. And to all inhabitants of the city of municipality. The way a youth council operates differs from group to group. On council consists of a small group of teenagers consulting independently on how and what should be done for young people. Another council has monthly meetings with an alderman and advises through those channels.
Do you have plans to set up your own youth council?
First of all, think about what exactly you want to achieve and what kind of council would fit you.

(From the Alexander brochure: Shit on the skateramp?)

Dear Mayor and Aldermen,

When you want to know what today's issues are in the municipal council, you need information. It can be obtained in two ways. Either you send the council documents to the youth council. Or better still, the municipal contact person tells what has been discussed. After all we are not a reading group.
Vice versa it is of course important to be heard as a youth council. Show your face when things are happening in the municipality. Create a network of contacts and keep them up. Do not forget to maintain contact with the Mayor, aldermen, council members and civil servants.
When you write an advice to the municipality, send one to both Mayor and aldermen and the municipal council. If it is put aside by the Mayor and aldermen, then the municipal council is able to ask the Mayor to listen to the youth council.

(From the Alexander brochure: Shit on the skateramp?)

"We do have an opinion...."

"The Alexander Foundation is specialised in research aimed at teenagers. Exceptional for us was the fact that they treat us as an equal conversation partner."
"First, the Alexander Foundation taught us how to do interviews; they trained us and supervised the entire process.
Old youth helps new youth. Let them be an appropriate interpreter."

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• Recorded on: BetaCAM SP

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